Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Mender....

I once met a man on the street
Curiously intently looking at all.

‘What do you do for a living sir’, I asked,
He mends destroyed souls he said.
I was shocked beyond repair! Am I talking to god in disguise??
‘Tell me more Sir, tell me more’!

He said he waits for people to wear out their souls,
“These days there is so much money, honey, that souls are less cared for,
People walk through all the wrong lanes and streets,
Can harm their souls even behind closed doors .

“I wait for people to wear out their souls completely, to trample on a mess,
I wait for them to be rendered completely soul-less,
I wait for their souls to go to waste,
I wait for them to take wrong decisions and head on to a slippery slope in haste.”

“People then come to me to keep my profession alive,
They bargain with me to get their souls mend! Can u imagine!
Bargain for something so insignificant as a soul!”

“Excuse me sir? A soul is a huge affair! Where would a man be without a good soul?
And you wait for people to wear them out? Who are you? Certainly not God?”

He laughed real hard and said,
You got me wrong child. I don’t mend “souls”
I meant I mend soles.


Wizard OfCourse said...

as funny as it is...knowing you, i expected the twist :P
nice nice...funny AND nice...

Whats in a name.......... said...

wizard ji- thankyou ji! which part of it did u find funny tho??

genie said...

awesome....funny....loved it ...keep writing u !!

Whats in a name.......... said...

genie- thanku thanku!! but why do u and wizard think its funny?? it was supposed to be a pun-ful serious poem?*curious look*