Saturday, October 3, 2015


Lies unfold, magic dies,
love fades, a broken heart cries.
Promises shatter, foreverness betrays,
what was mine and only mine, strays.

Sudden revelations, years of trial,
hints unnoticed, says the sire.

A halfhearted apology, an unsure mind,
years of trust, nowhere to find.
Time pleaded, time given.
Heart sinks, confusion galore,
What good are confessions when,
attraction continues unjaded.

What was crystal clear
is covered in mist and fog,
what was one, is conveniently plenty.

The victim is shamed, time a constrain.
The battered heart cries in vain.
A smile the lips wear, a smile of despair.
The mind seeks answers, heart gives up
weaknesses show, shame creeps up.

Life goes on, painful and sore.
Sympathy reasoned for silence for so long.

In resisting is strength,
words don't make a wrong, right.

Why promise and lie?
Why love and betray?
Why love and leave, what if it were I who went astray?

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I will shine.

Two strange hands, 
an unwanted touch.
Struggling eyes , 
Might, that momentarily couldn't do much.

A battle lost,
A war yet to be fought,
Strength of a soul 
that remains untouched.

Punish the guilty
Why blame the prey?
Why predict a dark future?
What fault was theirs?

Why blame the dusk, the dress, the time
Why charge the wounded, why hide a crime?

The body may be bruised,
The soul no beast can destroy
For no fault of my own
Shall I be forced for life to cry?

Rise , shine, a war is waiting to be won.
Life is to be lived,
Darkness will soon sublime.
Have faith in the slowly rising sun.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Muh se raal tapak rahi hai,

Aaj din bhar ki khel kud ke baad,

Ye jo khaane ki sugandh si aa rahi hai!

Chane, jalebiyan , pizza aur cake,

Aalu ka paratha, khaungi aaj bhar pet.

Zaraa dekh to chhotu, yahaan kuch panniyon mein aachaar ka tel hai lipta,

Aur dekh us panni mein pada hai roti ka ek pauna tukda chipta.

Aaj to puri daawat hai jaise,

Par pehle is khaane to zaraa theek thaak main kar loon,

Chanon mein lagi makkhi, jalebiyon ke tukdon mein chipki cheetiyaan hataa loon.

Samoseke aalo mein lase sa hai, us par pehle koyle ka halka sek lagaa loon aur

Roti ke is paune tukde ko zara paani ki chheet se mulayam banaa loon.

Pizaa par cake ki cream lagi hai,

Lagta hai kisi shaandaar party ke baad ye jaldbaazi mein feki gayi hai.

Vaah! Ab hua na ye, maharaajaon waala khaana.

Kabhi kabhi sochti hoon, hum ghareeb to kachde mein pade khaane ka bhi aadar karte hai,

Phir jinhe upar wala itna deta hai,

Vo kis dil se itne achce khaane ko kachde mein phek dete hain....

Friday, November 5, 2010

My Blind Rainbow

You Bore my burden

You felt me breathe

You stayed up all night

to see me sleep.

You made me laugh,

You wiped my tears.

You held my hand,

Walked me through all my fears..

That hand on my forehead

That peck on my cheeks

That tight hug, the constant counsel,

That pat when i felt weak..

This loneliness

This uncertainty

This wait

This Dilemma

Every passing minute adding on to the already worn out calendar.

But the hope, the constant Hope

of hearing Your laughter,

of that braod smile

of that fond touch

Of Your love

of the hope that You will bring back

The colours to my blind Rainbow..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long time!!

This one has been long due. I think I am writing almost after six months! And hence a small little post on why so. Exams got over and I topped my department! Yaay! CU got beaten blue with 75% in my second year!Hell Yeah!! hehe.

Learnt two lessons, one was a rerun of an older lesson and the second is not even worth mentioning! So why mention?

I am in Bangkok now, working with an NGO here. A few things among many many that I learnt here. One, no they don’t eat cockroaches here (atleast the people i have met) and two, no not every language, which is not known to you, is Chinese! :P

I miss my friends and family. Normal. I love my OWN little apartment, room really, but my own!:) I have put up pink and blue curtains and lots of cushions and pillows!:)

I will write something creative soon. :)

Till then


Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentines day Special :)

When you look at me I look away,
When I grin you smile.
When I hop on the pavement,
With care, you make way,
With a look which says you would walk, with me, like this for miles…

Those reassuring words
Straight from the heart,
That beautiful light of forever-ness
Straight from the start.

That dent on the right,
leaves me wounded,
The “Ms India” Smile,
renders me daunted.

Those little bouts of anger
That you happily endure
Those mood swings you heartily accept
Which can, and do, injure..

For all the reasons you make me smile
For all the reasons my life is on a new high
For all your promises, come what may, you would never bid Adieu


Friday, December 11, 2009

Smile! :)

This post is inspired by Genie's Post "Smile Because"

Everything today has a rationale, an explanation, an intention, and a Smile is no exception. So here are a few interpretations that I have come to, a few types of smiles that I have seen and well, in most cases been subject to! The deal here is, while reading the smiles stated below, smile differently while you read each of them and tell me if its effective.

1. The “this is how it’s done honey” Smile- this type of smile usually is the result of you not knowing how to do a particular thing in front of someone who does. Try eating with a chopstick at a restaurant, fail miserably, drop that wonton on the floor, look to your right/ left, there will be flashed a smile by a pair of lips that have successfully sucked in the noodles the way they are supposed to be with chopsticks!!

2.The “Shit I forgot your name” Smile- You get into the train at the metro railway, and this old school mate whose name you do not remember, has to be there in the same compartment, sitting right in front of where you are standing, and says, “may I hold you bag, hey, Hi!!!! How are you! its been so long”, and you smile to her and to yourself you say, “what was her name god! Please please god”. You do all this while giving her this particular smile!

3. The “the B****/B****** is here” Smile- you are at a party, talking to a friend and you spot a common acquaintance cum subject of hatred, he/she waves to you and walks near you. What do you do, you bitch/dog about that person to your friend while flashing your fangs in the “The B*****/B****** is here” smile. This kind of smile is verty flexible and can be used in most situations where you are around someone you do not like/love.

4. The “oops she did it again” Smile- you go to a wedding and your son/daughter/sibling/dog drops water/tea/coffee/plate/chair/etc on the floor, what do you do, u flash your “oops she did it again” smile. Hota hai bhai, relax!

5. The “ I so hate being a part of this conversation/party” Smile- I am sure all of us have been through this. Imagine yourself at a party with your mom’s friends, talking about how big you have grown, how your mom’s bellbottoms are something you must try, they are in fashion again after all :P, how you should be careful about choosing your career, how “arts nahi commerce is better for you beta” , with the kitne duble/dubli ho gaye/gayi ho when you just weighed yourself and have discovered that the pastries from cakes have finally shown their true colours.

6. The “I am going to flunk” Smile- you finish your paper an hour before the others, you submit your paper and leave the room, you get the dirtiest of looks wanting to know if your claims of not even completing the syllabus, forget revising were false, you give them the guys, don’t worry, “I am going to flunk” smile and leave, putting a smile on their faces in return!

7- The “Miss India” Smile- you are in no mood/frame of mind to smile, u have a head ache, stomach ache, and a friend says smile I am clicking, the pain vanishes for those 4 seconds and there comes the miss/Mr India smile!

8.The lost Smile- No this one is not connotative of a smile when you are lost, I am talking about a smile which today is a little difficult to find, is lost. I call it a genuine Smile. A smile which has no connotations, no meanings, no hidden aspirations. A smile, which wants in return only one thing. A smile.

P.S 1- did not mean to get preachy at the end.
P.S 2- dimpled smiles are particularly cute. No Bias though!