Friday, December 11, 2009

Smile! :)

This post is inspired by Genie's Post "Smile Because"

Everything today has a rationale, an explanation, an intention, and a Smile is no exception. So here are a few interpretations that I have come to, a few types of smiles that I have seen and well, in most cases been subject to! The deal here is, while reading the smiles stated below, smile differently while you read each of them and tell me if its effective.

1. The “this is how it’s done honey” Smile- this type of smile usually is the result of you not knowing how to do a particular thing in front of someone who does. Try eating with a chopstick at a restaurant, fail miserably, drop that wonton on the floor, look to your right/ left, there will be flashed a smile by a pair of lips that have successfully sucked in the noodles the way they are supposed to be with chopsticks!!

2.The “Shit I forgot your name” Smile- You get into the train at the metro railway, and this old school mate whose name you do not remember, has to be there in the same compartment, sitting right in front of where you are standing, and says, “may I hold you bag, hey, Hi!!!! How are you! its been so long”, and you smile to her and to yourself you say, “what was her name god! Please please god”. You do all this while giving her this particular smile!

3. The “the B****/B****** is here” Smile- you are at a party, talking to a friend and you spot a common acquaintance cum subject of hatred, he/she waves to you and walks near you. What do you do, you bitch/dog about that person to your friend while flashing your fangs in the “The B*****/B****** is here” smile. This kind of smile is verty flexible and can be used in most situations where you are around someone you do not like/love.

4. The “oops she did it again” Smile- you go to a wedding and your son/daughter/sibling/dog drops water/tea/coffee/plate/chair/etc on the floor, what do you do, u flash your “oops she did it again” smile. Hota hai bhai, relax!

5. The “ I so hate being a part of this conversation/party” Smile- I am sure all of us have been through this. Imagine yourself at a party with your mom’s friends, talking about how big you have grown, how your mom’s bellbottoms are something you must try, they are in fashion again after all :P, how you should be careful about choosing your career, how “arts nahi commerce is better for you beta” , with the kitne duble/dubli ho gaye/gayi ho when you just weighed yourself and have discovered that the pastries from cakes have finally shown their true colours.

6. The “I am going to flunk” Smile- you finish your paper an hour before the others, you submit your paper and leave the room, you get the dirtiest of looks wanting to know if your claims of not even completing the syllabus, forget revising were false, you give them the guys, don’t worry, “I am going to flunk” smile and leave, putting a smile on their faces in return!

7- The “Miss India” Smile- you are in no mood/frame of mind to smile, u have a head ache, stomach ache, and a friend says smile I am clicking, the pain vanishes for those 4 seconds and there comes the miss/Mr India smile!

8.The lost Smile- No this one is not connotative of a smile when you are lost, I am talking about a smile which today is a little difficult to find, is lost. I call it a genuine Smile. A smile which has no connotations, no meanings, no hidden aspirations. A smile, which wants in return only one thing. A smile.

P.S 1- did not mean to get preachy at the end.
P.S 2- dimpled smiles are particularly cute. No Bias though!


Satya said...
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genie said...

9.The 'I am proud the way my friend writes' smile......which is the one on my face right's genuine too ! And I know she will smile when she reads this also gets a smile in it's kinda like the Smile 8 :D

Very Nice Post :) Love the preachy end :D and thanks for putting that link :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

yes it is!!!!yaaaayyy!!! thankyou!!
*all smiles* hehe

What's In A Name ? said...

Dimples are endearing traits.
well observed. :)

Whats in a name.......... said...
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Whats in a name.......... said...

namesake! welcome back!!!!!! my posts have been awaiting ur comments!!!!!!!
thankee thankee!!!
p.s- i dont have access to ur profile!~!!:0 :0

Aishwarya said...

interestin post that is..u seem to hav done quite a bit of research on it is indeed.
by the way i thnk out of all of that the smile which fits U MOST perfectly is the Miss India wala smile...cuz may watevr condtn ur in..evn if ur sinkin..wen it cums to clickin pics u seem to b in the best and pink of ur health all of a sudden n also rememberin to open her specs n tat ahem ahem smile!!!!!!!! :)
oh by the way u shud hav spcified na y u lik 'dimpled smiles' so much..!!cuz smbody REAAAALLLLLLLYYYYY speccccial has it rite sweetheart?? wel ladies and gentlemen yes ur IS her better half indeed..and for ur info tats ME!!isnt it honey?!! ;) dont blush please..c'mon now let the world knw too y u lik dimled smiles sooo much!!!! *wink wink*

Whats in a name.......... said...

ash- awww le ma baby!!! u know me soo well!!!ab toh more than half the world will know the secret behind my picture perfect pics!!crap!!:P
and yes yes!!u r ryt!! absolutely!! u had better been!!!hehehe

Wizard OfCourse said...

i can SO relate to No.2 and No.1 smile!
a standing ovation for the lady here...she's done it yet again...written a lovely piece! and yes...i AM smiling :D