Saturday, October 3, 2015


Lies unfold, magic dies,
love fades, a broken heart cries.
Promises shatter, foreverness betrays,
what was mine and only mine, strays.

Sudden revelations, years of trial,
hints unnoticed, says the sire.

A halfhearted apology, an unsure mind,
years of trust, nowhere to find.
Time pleaded, time given.
Heart sinks, confusion galore,
What good are confessions when,
attraction continues unjaded.

What was crystal clear
is covered in mist and fog,
what was one, is conveniently plenty.

The victim is shamed, time a constrain.
The battered heart cries in vain.
A smile the lips wear, a smile of despair.
The mind seeks answers, heart gives up
weaknesses show, shame creeps up.

Life goes on, painful and sore.
Sympathy reasoned for silence for so long.

In resisting is strength,
words don't make a wrong, right.

Why promise and lie?
Why love and betray?
Why love and leave, what if it were I who went astray?