Thursday, January 31, 2008

God will…..

The world is topsy-turvy
Blood and flesh and tears is all that I can see.
Was I born to witness live bombs
Was I not born to be free.

One nation bombs the other
there is an attack on another,
innocence is drained of all its sanity
one life can kill today all humanity.

nine months does a mother protect her child in her womb
but today she stands with her hands outstretched
begging for his life when he is dead already,
waiting perhaps for a miracle, waiting for a boon.

The warmth of the world is so cold today!
that eyes are devoid of tears, these rivers have seized to flow, have dried.
The face is so awestruck with the world
that the light within has seized to glow.

There is darkness outside and darkness within
man today seems to have forgotten to distinguish between
great deeds and sin!
But the light of hope still glows
Dimly, but glows,
And the river of life, of new heartbeats, somewhere, quietly though, flows.

If men continue to destroy life,
send dust to dust,
if a mother is forced to grieve over the body of her child
because of someone’s greed for lust,
A day will come
the killed will question the killers, and
the innocent will revenge the sinners.
And god will let the innocent have their say,
when he will be forced to pronounce,
“ Today is ‘Judgment day’”


Shahnaaz said...

equally commendable...hope teh world changes b4 judgement day is announced :)
once again, keep writing! waiting for your next post.

Wizard OfCourse said...

a really good piece of writing. honestly. and once again, i can't help but agree with Miss Khan.

post more. there is a real dearth of good pieces on blogs.

take care :)

mariya said...

u guys are bein really nice to me,,,,,
but dats fine,,heheheh

Wizard OfCourse said...

well..i am not being nice for no reason, you know?? :)