Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Loss

I can feel your touch,
almost smell your soul
I can see your face,
when in my dreams you stroll.

I can experience the warmth everyday.
Those caring eyes that have so much to say
I can read your lips when in silence you whisper,
there can never be anyone else for me,
the way you are.

You are the light of my soul.
In the drama of my life,
you play the most important role.
but I have to face reality and reality is,
you are unreal.

unreal for good?
no, by no chance.
how I wish I could forget your, never before seen, glance.

My life has taken significant turns today
I have learnt to stand up.
But how I wish you were by my side,
see me grow.
How I wish your absence would not create a void inside me,
how I wish you were with me for real,
not a mere figment of my imagination,
not a fragment of my dream,
but a part of my existence.

I am still waiting for you with my eyes shut,
the way I have always been.
I no not what part I want you to play in my life,
a sister, a mother, a guide or a friend,
But someone, who in every role can blend.
Someone whose presence will fill my life with bliss
someone whose loss I will gravely miss!


Royal Bengal Tigress said...

Your a poet! *shocked and awed*

Shahnaaz said...

hey :) am shocked and awed too ... its really nice and am touched by your emotions...keep writing gal...there's no writing like writing from the heart...

Wizard OfCourse said...

this is piece is wonderful! and i can relate to every bit of it and that makes it sound even better. but yeah...i agree with every word Shahnaaz has written...
(except for that sign off :-p)
all in're set to take the world of poetry by storm

shilpi said...

its too gud yaar... i knew u cud write well... but with this great dept and emotions!!!!!!!!tooo goood...

Megha said...

Ma'm u hv written well... no doubts abt tht... nyc piece of creativity... fly high!! :)

mariya said...


vijayshree said...

I 'd like 2 beg 2 differ n say dat yes it has been weel written bt u can write much much better..

Whats in a name.......... said...

Thanx for your honest opinion vijayshree,,i relly appreciater it:)....did u read the first usual meeting ???

Nayantara said...

This was lovely...and if it indeed isn't the best you can do, then i'd love to see your best :) i'm a very irregular blogger, i wish i were more consistent. i've linked your blog to mine.