Friday, February 22, 2008

My First (usual) Meeting!!

It is a moonlit night, I think,
I am sure the stars are shimmering in their utmost glory,
It is our first meeting!
I touched the modern sand clock and it felt seven thirty
I know I am an hour early
But could I help not being?
Two days ago, she had called me,
Saying she wanted to see me!
See me!!
I could not believe it then, some silly joke I thought.
She called me again.
You see, she had seen the inner me in my work,
She had read my pieces.
She told me from over the other side
That she admired me! Admired me?
She even wanted me to sign for her,
One of my creative pieces.
I was all delighted to see, err, and hear a beautiful voice ask me out for dinner then
Today morning, I was all apprehensive.
What do I wear, what colour do I wear
But then it struck me
How does it even matter to me!!
Called up my help and he dressed me up, I packed my typewriter and kept it in the safety of my black cupboard.
And now, here I am waiting for her with my eyes open
Oh! I did not realize she has been sitting here for the past fifteen minutes
And I! I have been thinking about her!
Oh! She is coming closer to me, I know she is, now that I am back to my senses, I think.
What?! I think I just heard her sigh and felt her tear on my palm
"Will you be able to sign your book for me"?
She is asking the man who has written it!
For once I thought it did not make a difference
For once I thought I would feel a woman smiling
But, such is destiny
This blind man in his endeavour to feel one smile, made another one cry!


Royal Bengal Tigress said...

Beautifully expressed.
Why this preoccupation with the blind? What does it symbolize for you?

mariya said...

glad u liked it!!:)
mm,,,its just my way of sayin that people who can see shud just stop feelin bad for those who cant and just treat them normally, coz they are normal!!

Royal Bengal Tigress said...


Megha said...

hey mariya.... this one is reallly nyc... :)

mariya said...

:) :) :)

Wizard OfCourse said...

very well written. brings back memories...and right now...i can relate to it more than ever.
great piece of work dear...keep writing :)

shilpi said...

hello... this one is too good.. uve got great depth in ur writings.......keepwriting...

Shahnaaz said...

i think i've told you already...wonderful writing :)
and thanks for the advice you gave to sum1...hope it works :)

quiZzically committed........ said...

master piece hv to say......since i hv neva gt da chance to meet homer or shakespeare.... :P
no pun intended, majestic wrk...... :)

mariya said...

:) appreciation appreciated!!!!

vijayshree said...

This piece is totally WOW!! U gt a 10 on 10 and an A+ from me.. :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

heheh,,,,tanku tanku......:)

Johny-walker said...

Very very beautifully written. Takes you around and then comes and hits right in the bulls eye. Expressed in too gud a manner!! :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

:) :)