Saturday, February 16, 2008



Splashes of colour filled my eyes
I could see them all, red, blue, yellow and green.
But, but they all looked the same!
Strange? I know I had seen them all!
But they were all of the same colour, they were all black!
How do I known then whether black is black,
or like the other colours, just appears to be so!

It all confused me, but I came to the conclusion:
That all these colours were just playing with me,
Fooling me perhaps.
I smiled, shook my head, took my stick and left!


Royal Bengal Tigress said...


Amazing Greys said...

nice one... :)

mariya said...

ok,,,,thankyou,,,but plzzz tell me who dis is!!

Wizard OfCourse said...

what can i say...simplicity is your forte :)

genie said...

small and beautiful :)

Whats in a name.......... said...