Saturday, May 31, 2008

E-mail from Nera

hello all, Nera the cat asked me to send this reply to Rut the rat, please tell him abt it if you see him is the letter that he had sent to her..

Yo dude Rut…ssup!!!
Sorry for da late reply,,,,,the letter smelled really good,,kinda licked it all up, chewed it and then realized, damn, it was paper. sent it to the laundry to wash it and get it ironed.
Before anything else, my mum kinda got hyper reading “I lay my eyes on your soft furry coat that shines under the moonlight like a glistening cape of black diamonds” part and she said she wants to have a little tete a tete wid ya buddy!!
Anyway, jack and I are history, he lost all mah love when he failed to get you to me. I was so hungry that day. He’s’ not half a tom cat, jerk. say hi to tod man, and tell him he tastes real nice!! his tail does at least.
see dude, I m not the honey sugar kinda gurl, more of a ssup kinds, so plz keep the honey ,the sugar far away from me!! gives me yuck feelings.
U r quite a soft guy for a man, and im quite darin, so ya may be we cud get along. I hate cheese btw!!
And du’uh!! Who are u kiddin eh?? The garbage can?? I m a chic feline, bathe in catthol and shampoo mah self daily with catene, you don’t expect me to c ya near that freakin bin do ya??
So well I will see ya and let ya present your case. are you like a Shakespeare freak too?? coz I aint understand ntin of that fella man!!
oh ya dude, just remember to get some salt and pepper wid yaw en u come. C u at the hungry cats corner at 11 sharp. will be waitin wid all mah friends wid my paws open. mueaaaauuuh
Love and all that cute jazz
Nera ..yo!!


comfortably numb said...

wow!!!laugh riot all the way...must say nera's one cool gal :D:D
no wonder rut got nuts!!!

behind brown eyes... said...

haha...this is toooo funny!!!!!!!
so much for rut's cheesy letter (pun unintended)!

Psychedelic said...

@bbe and wian
the amount of affection that has been raining in yr blogs i m pretty sure that this entire blog world wil soon be witnessing a love wave of rodents, insects, carnivores, omnivores, herbivores et al... way to go girls!! :p:p

Whats in a name.......... said...

Numb-yeah nera is a real cool gal-floyd fan, has most of her relatives livin in the US and thus the Accent!!

BBE- tanku tanku

psy- may ur dream come true real soon!!lol

Beauty and the BEast said...

lol! It IS a crazy read through and through!! Crazy imagination and awesome way of penning it down!!

Wizard OfCourse said...

you have a crazy imagination mariya!! absolutely wild and over the top...
may God help Rut!! :P

Royal Bengal Tigress said...

Hehe. Nera sounds like my Marco Polo- spoilt to the core of her furry heart.

Whats in a name.......... said...

make sure she does'nt read it then!! or uve had it!!lol

comfortably numb said...

tagged u with the "8" tag....*peace*
hopefully ur nxt post