Sunday, June 15, 2008


i tried, i swear i did, but my brain is dead.
i just cant write , or think, or imagine or be creative.
life is super static. People have lost all hope in me, they've even started de-blog rolling me!!wow!!
i have never felt so useless all my life!! college is over and life sucks!!
pray! pray for me fellow bloggers, pray for my brain to live again.


comfortably numb said...

AMEN dear...
waise i did give u sum subject to post on...mebbe thts ur salvation point :D:D

Wizard OfCourse said...

amen amen mariya...and more amen amen...i pray your brin rises up and starts kicking again. or maybe you just need a whacky vacation!! i know what you're going through. have been through it and it's called the "i don't have anything to do" syndrome. but it will go with time. :D

What's In A Name ? said...

that was a miss-up while copying all the previous links to the new blog-list applications. a genuine goof-up!



and new posts ????????????????????

Whats in a name.......... said...

hehe!!!u had done that too???!!
i was talkin abt smbody else's loss of all hope in me!!!
and thats absolutely ok!!!!!

behind brown eyes... said...

lol...this comment phorum is so phunny...esp when you know all inside gossip...hehehe
guess everyone's prayers have been answered and your brain has finally resurrected!!!
mine's still lying in the graveyard though...booohoooo

Whats in a name.......... said...

hmmm,,,hehehe...i kno man!!! shhhhhhh,,,keep the secrets where they belong!!lol
and ma'am ur brain now is workin fine, no not fine extremely well , no actually its running now wid that beautiful piece man!!!