Saturday, July 26, 2008

Wish ME Get Well Soon :(

I recently visited Dr Doog Rof Gnihton, when I was declared to have been suffering from a severe partial lapse of memory (have you ever seen my posts just left incomplete halfway??DUH!!). I also discussed in details about a disease that I have been suffering from, from the past two months. He asked me to enumerate in detail my symptoms. So, Here goes….

Khali Syndrome- there is something called eating and another called hogging. My symptom; hogging after eating!! Food is awesome!!

Chimgadarish behaviour- sleeping till late one day and staring at the blank ceiling for hours the other.

Mad cow syndrome- sitting in an empty room and smiling. My sister once happened to have noticed me while I was in the room, well, smiling, she saw me. She screamed. And. she ran away!
(Don’t bother abt the name I gave this syndrome, couldn’t think of anything else :P)

Dry Brain Fry- no no this is not some dish out of the weird food guide on your favourite channel MTV( u watch it all the time for that ticker don’t you!! gotcha!!). You know you are left with no blood pumping into your brain when you see splitsvilla every Saturday despite the fact that you hate it deject it and think its disgraceful and in bad taste. And are even caught seeing some side ass modelling competition. U end up pulling your hair at the end of it all. Go out in the sun and your brain fries in the heat.
You don’t get the man, or the money.damn it! U know it! But u still watch it!!

Jabbering gibberish- talk talk talk, and not even know what you are talking abt. Laugh at the jokes which sanity otherwise would not have permitted you to even look at. Eg- “come on, its not “whatever” its “what-e-ver”.!!???hahahahaha

Bhartiya sanskaari syndrome- yes. You want to thank everyone, even though you know you would fail to get noticed for an award even if you were a vamp in some side ass soap opera. Since you have read this far, you might as well read my thanksgiving list. I want to thank…..

1. Dhirubhai ambani group- for letting megha call me up. And yes, megha as well for the endless chats, giggles and secrets. (Shhhhhh you are not supposed to know this, don’t tell anyone.)
2. Students of Loreto- for giving me a friend like Ms Khan. She’s my better half. Need I say more??
3. The manufacturers of this particular drink- for ensuring I never drink it again!! Or at least be careful before tasting it again!! (megha and miss khan,,,,blink blink)
4. For you guys. Yes you, reading it. Array baba stop looking here and there, talking about you only. Thank you. (More thanks giving in another post, you will read wont you??:())

So, you read it all?? Hmmm…lemme see,, I don’t want to scare you but, what did you say, you even tried to decipher the doctor’s name? Now this is serious!
you are suffering from the same disease as me!!!
I CALL IT THE “I DON’T HAVE A LIFE AT THE MOMENT”, what do you like to call it eh?? Why should you copy,, cheater cheater pumpkin eater!! Your disease you name it huh!!

And dare you not leave a comment here! I know you’ve read this, I saw you!
(If it helps- pleashhhhhhhhheeeee )


comfortably numb said...

"simultaneously maaring jhak n staring @ glass screen" ....bit long na:)
will tell symptoms later, just diagnosed now!!!

Whats in a name.......... said...

see, thanx to me you ppl will know uve been suffering from a disease!!
wat am i doin here i shud have been a doc!!
oh!btw, my fee???

Psychedelic said...

"cheater cheater pumpkin eater!!"
Mariya-ahhh?? gurl u need a doc immediately..:D
oh wel i do know the doc n maaza's sponsors.. bt uh-well.. damn them both!!n ofcourse
you are welcome!! :p

What's In A Name ? said...

I guess I'm suffering from this same syndrome.

comfortably numb said...

nopes...i knew i was sick even b4 ur diagnosis...for confirmation chck mah last post:)
n fees!what fees???i'd think blogging being a free service, all its fringe benefits wud b free too:D

Sutta said...

Congrats!! Your bimarees surely manage to make me grin till end. :P

Whats in a name.......... said...

numb- so much for my plans of online job opportunities!!:p

wian-come on now,,name your own syndrome!!!lol

sutta- pleasures all mine!!!!

psy- yeah damn them both!!!!!! and wats wrong wid cheater cheater pumpkin eater!!thats rhymin at its best!!lol

Royal Bengal Tigress said...

Hehaw Hehaw :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

behind brown eyes... said...

my empathies, sympathies, limpathies, nympathies and all other thies with you girl!!! long live brainlessness - and i don't have a lifelessness...sabki jai ho!!!

(if the above made any sense to you whatsoever, your illness exceeds boundaries of all ailments affecting the brain!)

Whats in a name.......... said...

yess!! all of it made sense!! infact i feel enlightened after reading all that!! long die my brain!!!!!

Wizard OfCourse said...

sheesh some interesting piece of a brainless post. and i totally agree with the second point of your thanksgiving list.
surprisingly, even Archimedes (you have heard of him, haven't you?) was pretty jobless when he discovered buoyancy (that same principle that says something about weight being displaced being equal or something like that)...i mean one has to be really jobless to lie in a bath tub and think about a crown...same goes for Issac Newton...i mean...sitting under a tree doing nothing and then thinking about an apple bonking on one's head is a symptom of extreme joblessness too!
so you're getting there in the big league...
autograph please! :-)

Mujtaba said...

great attempt....
i read your blog and its really nice....just stumblled upon ur blog by chance and i really liked it...keep up the good work.

Mujtaba said...

great attempt....
i read your blog and its really nice....just stumblled upon ur blog by chance and i really liked it...keep up the good work.

Whats in a name.......... said...

mujtaba- i hope you read other posts too!!1 this one came out of a writers block!!lol
thanx a ton!!:)