Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Creation Of Havoc!

After that incredible noise, all was quiet and I was no exception.
I woke up to see no roof over my head.
Infact, I lay on the floor, I could not locate my bed.

I went into the outside and saw what I could have never imagined to have seen.
I moved into my garden. My heart ached, my body froze, my mind, bewildered.
I saw my son. Actually just a part of him.
I saw his aeroplane clutched in his fist,
I do not know where the rest of him was, it was just his aeroplane and just his fist.
I screamed. The inside of me was dead.

I went looking for my little princess,
All that was left was burning ash and that stench of plastic. She never parted with her doll.

My eyes refused to emote and my heart refused to obey.
I rushed to the pond nearby and I washed my face.
But. The touch of water? I couldn’t feel it anymore.

Then I suddenly felt my son’s touch and felt my princess’s little hands in my own.
I kissed them, hugged them tight.
I was elated though startled that they suddenly looked alright!

My son then told me it was time for ‘us’ to go! “Go where”? I asked
He smiled took me by my hand and showed me my bodily self charcoaled!

My creation of Havoc, my Time Bomb refused to follow orders last night.
Before I could plant it safely to kill a few,
It gave me a fight!


comfortably numb said... of something having a boomerang effect:(
just goes to show that d grass cuts both ways!!!

Wizard OfCourse said...

hey mariya...well written and brings across one fact very clerly that when there is kills without discretion!
have written something on my check it out if you have the time...

behind brown eyes... said...

what can i say...
"My eyes refused to emote and my heart refused to obey."
very touching...hope the people who should read it, do.
keep up the good work!!!

Whats in a name.......... said...

thanx guys!
numb- yeah,wat you give to others comes back to you in some way!

bbe-i kno! hope is the word lady!

Psychedelic said...

nice poem ya.. really comes across wel..bomb-ing is in the air!! The entire concept of Humanity needs Help!!

Pranay said...

Wonderful. That's all. It was very good.

Whats in a name.......... said...

pranay- am glad you liked it!:)

harmonic whisperer said...

Nice!!!….that’s all I can say cz m still under ur spell….

Whats in a name.......... said...

harmonic whisperer- beams****

comfortably numb said...

btw...u r tagged:)

Johny-walker said...

too good..
i don't know what else to say.. still wondering about it..

"I screamed. The inside of me was dead."
"My eyes refused to emote and my heart refused to obey."
fantastic lines.. enveloped in an awesome creation of havoc :P

Whats in a name.......... said...

very well said johny!thanx
i m glad you liked it!:)

genie said...

I never like poems....but hav read this lik a zillion times.... just wonderful :)

Whats in a name.......... said...

genie- thanx a lot!!!:) am glad you like it!!