Sunday, October 3, 2010

Long time!!

This one has been long due. I think I am writing almost after six months! And hence a small little post on why so. Exams got over and I topped my department! Yaay! CU got beaten blue with 75% in my second year!Hell Yeah!! hehe.

Learnt two lessons, one was a rerun of an older lesson and the second is not even worth mentioning! So why mention?

I am in Bangkok now, working with an NGO here. A few things among many many that I learnt here. One, no they don’t eat cockroaches here (atleast the people i have met) and two, no not every language, which is not known to you, is Chinese! :P

I miss my friends and family. Normal. I love my OWN little apartment, room really, but my own!:) I have put up pink and blue curtains and lots of cushions and pillows!:)

I will write something creative soon. :)

Till then



genie said...

eagerly waiting for your post....btw new look is so kewl :P

Whats in a name.......... said...

genie- i wil write once my brain awakens from its endless slumber!!
and i also loveee the nu look!!:)

Wizard OfCourse said...

hey! nice. you wrote after quite a long time indeed!
and sounds great that you're doing good. congrats on your apartment. will look forward to something Mariyastic on your blog :)

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