Friday, November 5, 2010

My Blind Rainbow

You Bore my burden

You felt me breathe

You stayed up all night

to see me sleep.

You made me laugh,

You wiped my tears.

You held my hand,

Walked me through all my fears..

That hand on my forehead

That peck on my cheeks

That tight hug, the constant counsel,

That pat when i felt weak..

This loneliness

This uncertainty

This wait

This Dilemma

Every passing minute adding on to the already worn out calendar.

But the hope, the constant Hope

of hearing Your laughter,

of that braod smile

of that fond touch

Of Your love

of the hope that You will bring back

The colours to my blind Rainbow..


genie said...

Very fast and smooth poem, flowing like the lovely river which eventually joins the beautiful horizon where I see colors appearing on your Rainbow!

Very Nice :)
Keep writing busy you!

Wizard OfCourse said...

nice nice. so...finally you've found some time to pen down your thoughts...

What's In A Name ? said...

I was here before to read you poem and its nice in a way that it smells of a childish innocence.

But "week" should be "weak" I think.

And yes, I have vaporised for I have no stories to tell, nothing to write on. And its reassuring and wonderful to know someone still remembers her namesake reader.

Whats in a name.......... said...

Genie and Wizard- Thankyou!:)

Namesake- Typo Corrected! Thankyou!:)
and , i miss reading your posts. And dont vaporise yet, there is a lof of bad in the world! (If not good), write about the bad things in a good way! (if u know what i mean) hehe.. post awaited!

behind brown eyes... said...

and the colour filleth...both your blog and your rainbow :) may your cup of joy overflow...
and i shalt stop such speech before thee delete mine this comment :p
lovely poetry. my heart is filled with hopes of love and undying romance...
but then, i don't have a heart
waiting for your next post (and mail)

behind brown eyes... said...

please ignore above comment, except 'lovely poetry' :D
too much coffee. very little sleep :P

Whats in a name.......... said...

BBE- :) love <3

hapi said...

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