Friday, April 18, 2008

"Coach" Potatoes!!

The oxford dictionary has yet another addition,or rather should have one,my creation.The word''coach potato'',meaning-men on the train with nothing to do but stare at their female counterparts and eat like hunger stricken people in the process.
On a journey by the Kalka from delhi, accompanied by my friends (we were coming back from Jamia to kolkata from a seminar there..but thats besides the point!!) , by the sleeper class , i came across the above specimen in huge numbers. These men (with some political affiliation) had with them electronic gadgets which are so expensive that i wondered how they managed even sleeper class tickets. This journey also taught me an innovative pose of sleeping which i call ''the sight seeing pose'', whereby these coach potatoes put their heads in place of their feet and lie on their stomachs on the upper birth of the train wih their heads resting on their crossed hands..i actually believe this can be a great new yoga pose, we may call it ''disgustingstare-ashana''.
We were bothered when we ate, spoke to each other and comments were even passed when we said nothing at all! to add to our misery our train was 16hrs late stuck at mughalsarai for more than 12 hrs! We were forced to do a lot of things which sanity would not permit us to do othertwise like looking after chained luggage! and not sleeping for 36 hrs, ready to attack with pepper spray, deo, (yes they also have other use!!) ,neither talk nor giggle and most importantly not call each other by names, now thats what you call true freedom!! (they were farting away to glory at night,,while still wide awake ogling at us and saying things like “aah kaa baans” yuck!!!
With so much being talked about female liberation this experience felt as if being a girl was a crime and a source of enjoyment for the on lookers. Not reacting and even keeping quiet did not help. Well thanks to some distant relative of mine (sorry sir i do not renmember your name!!) some security people came to rescue us when the not so gentle men had crossed all their limits trying to take our pictures with their camera phones!( dad..i feel deprived) Did i forget to mention they were carrying MP3s! It would however be important to mention here that we did manage to transfer ourself to A.C 3Tier at the end for a couple of hours where some very caring gentlemen (and I m not being sarcastic this time!!) left their seats so that we could sleep and even offered to charge our phones for us!!

Moral of the story?? nothing much,,wanted to share this incident,,thats it!!


behind brown eyes... said...

hehehehe...sad i dnt know why i am laughing...but i guess its the way you've written it!!! i SO identify with your predicament then!!! its horrific to even think that such disgusting creatures inhabit this planet...maybe now WAUN should become Women Againt Ugghhly (stress on that word) Men!!!
and well...lets hope we do not meet such 'caring' men on our way to delhi this time...but even if we do, don't you worry my girl...i know kung fu, karate and many such dangerous words :D

Whats in a name.......... said... knight(ess) in shining armour!!!!

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Dear Miss Namesake,

I think theres actually a moral to this story.......that nice people exist. I must say you were quite lucky to be shifted to a better place....... some of my friends have had to face the 'full sleeper-class ordeal'.

p.s- that 'ashrama' would be 'ashana' I suppose.

And yes, Could I blogroll you ??

Whats in a name.......... said...

Dear Mr Namesake
well i m glad you derived a moral from the incident,,trust me i did too and thus mentioned about those "gentlemen"( not being sarcastic)
p.s- the typographical error has been corrected,,thanx!!
why do u want to blogroll me!!!??

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

Ah, that will be a polite 'NO' I guess. Is it ?

Psychedelic said...

mariya...umm.. well... now do u need a drink??

Whats in a name.......... said...

"why do u want to blogroll me"- my question
"no u cant blogroll me"- your assumption!!
wen i mean a no, i say it!!
YES,,u can blogroll me!!

Wizard OfCourse said... like these bring a bad name to my gender! honestly..we're nice otherwise...
sad incident but just can't stop laughing!! humor comes through so very clealy in your narration...that it's hard not to laugh...
i have a better should have kicked them where it hurts and confiscated their cell phones! you could have used them later...hehe...
but really...sounds disgusting. i just hope your journey this time is nice in teh true sense of the word..and God forbid...if you come across any such ******** then feel free to kick them...and ensure that from then on...they can ONLY look :D
what say?

WHAT'S IN A NAME ? said...

supremely encouraging......this clarity.

:) :P

Whats in a name.......... said...


Royal Bengal Tigress said...

Bastards! *BOFF*

Rishav said...

weird people!!
explains some things you and shahnaaz believe about our gender!!

but wait a min, were two wian's talkin to one another?? got confused in middle there!q

Whats in a name.......... said...

rishav- Well both of dont hate all men!!lol just the useless ones lk those i met on the blessed train journey!! :P
infact i would'nt even call them men that that wud be insulting ur gender!!
Yes we were!!!!

Whats in a name.......... said...

tigress- i kno man!!! kill them,,just those men!!!